The Noble Institution of Trading


Welcome to The Noble Institution’s trading sector! We are excited to help guide you on your journey to financial freedom! Listed below are our investment tiers to help guide you. See how investing today will impact your tomorrow! Each broker account is carefully monitored by our investment professionals to provide minimal losses and maximum gains!


  • $250 Initial investment
  • 0.01 lot size


  • $500 Initial investment
  • 0.05 lot size


  • $1000 initial investment
  • 0.1 lot size

Once you’ve decided which tier to invest in, we invite you to set up your broker account through Hugo’s Way. Please flow the link below to set up your account. Take your financial future into your own hands and change your life today! 


After the broker account is open, the broker will send you a  login and passwords. Once you have received this information, you will forward the account number and trading password to TNI. This will unlock your passive trading experience. An example of the information you will receive has been provided below. 


  • Account number: 2131234
  • Trader password: 321gf546g46f
  • Investor password: 53464654

Please send your Broker Account Number and trading password to the email address  Put Passive Trading in the subject header. Also, let us know what tier size your account will be. This is very important as it dictates your lot size.