Junior Forex Exam

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Junior Forex Exam

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A ___________________ indicator is used as a trending Indicator(s). (Please use the handout given during class.)

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The risk-reward ratios measure how much your potential reward is, for every pip at risk..

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Trading during consolidation is usually ideal for traders.

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A ___________________ indicator is used as a momentum Indicator. (Please use the handout given during class.)

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The Movement of a market's price over time is known as what?

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Traders use divergence to assess the underlying momentum in the price of a market.

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A trader attempts to win back losses by entering a larger trade. This type of trading is know as ______________ trading.

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_______________Is/are a popular moving averages.

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Rick analyzes a  daily, 4 hour, and 1-hour chart of the EURUSD.  He places a BUY STOP trade on Monday. HIs trade activates Tuesday afternoon. Rick's trade hits TP on Thursday. What type of trader is Rick?

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A ____________ trader open and closes a trade within minutes.

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